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Anxiety & Fear

Conflict Resolution

Transform your life and experience freedom from addictions. Alcoholism and addiction are said to be “family diseases.” We have a licensed alcohol and drug counselor to support and guide you through your journey to recovery. We also offer support and family therapy if your loved one struggles with addiction.

Anxiety is a common reaction brought on by stress and life’s unexpected circumstances. It can cause unnecessary disruption of your daily life and responsibilities. Understand the root of worry, learn the tools and techniques to face your fear, and lay aside the weight of anxiety to experience grace and freedom.

How to get along with each other when you don’t get along. Identify the heart and the habits that fuel conflicts. Acquire the tools to communicate effectively, practice speaking the truth in love, and learn the principles of true peacemaking. Go beyond resolving conflicts and be a true peacemaker.

Emotional Distress

Family & Relational Issues

Grief and Loss

Do you struggle with emotional pain? Do you often feel lonely, angry or hurt and react by withdrawing or shutting down? You may be dealing with some deep-seated, long-standing issues. Identify your emotional strongholds, replace your maladaptive coping strategies, and live a life of abundance.

Each family is dynamic, and each family has its unique set of struggles. While there is no quick fix, God is in the business of restoration and bringing families to wholeness. We have a family therapist specially trained in family systems, who specializes in working with family and relational issues.

Grief is an emotional, mental, physical, as well as spiritual battle. The experience of grief and loss is multifaceted, and numerous factors can compound the reaction of loss and intensify pain. God is the source of our comfort and hope. Let us walk alongside you and serve as a conduit of Christ’s comfort.

Marriage Counseling

Parenting Issues

Self Esteem/Image Issues

Marriage is an enactment of the Gospel. You are not alone, and there is hope. Will you take the first step to work through your marital crises and seek reconciliation? Learn to resolve your conflicts, restore your emotional connections, rebuild marital trust, rediscover your love, and heal your marriage.

How do I parent a child who has intense emotions and behavior issues? The child who was once so close to you now feels so far away. The world of parenting is rewarding, yet complicated and challenging. Let’s implement parenting strategies that help your family move forward and restore your love for parenting.

Teens occasionally engage in self-destructive and addictive behavior caused by poor self-evaluation and self-doubt. Treatment includes assessing and understanding self-destructive behaviors and triggers, acquiring healthy coping strategies, discovering our identity, sense of security and belonging.

Shame and Guilt

Spiritual Issues


Feeling trapped and alone? Shame and guilt lead to diminishing self-worth, severe procrastination, helplessness, and feelings that you are never good enough and are never where you need to be. Take steps to search for wholeness and peace. Know who you are in light of God’s standard and truth.

Do you have spiritual-related struggles? Are you troubled by doubt and lack of faith? Are you questioning the meaning of life or the purpose of suffering? Are you angry or disappointed with God and feeling punished or abandoned by Him? Are you confused about moral or religious issues and beliefs? Let’s talk.

Some people know trauma as a relentless burden of intense stress. People who have experienced past traumatic events run a higher risk of developing PTSD. Treatments and interventions include recognition of trauma-related thinking, cognitive restructuring, exposure therapy, and relearn new behavioral patterns.

Each counseling session is $110 for a 50 minute session.

We utilize a sliding scale for those who meets criteria. Receipts available upon request for submission to insurance for reimbursement, if applicable.